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What do you do when your

warm market is gone?

Prospecting cold market

Most people get started in Network Marketing with great intentions. They buy their products, make a list of friends and family, and start making calls. But what happens once you have gone through your list?

Well, there are really only 3 options: You can keep calling the same people (who said no) over and over. You can find a way to meet new prospects. Or you can quit.

Unfortunately for most networkers, meeting new prospects can be tricky. There are people everywhere… but where do you find qualified prospects who are actually looking for what you have to offer? And how do you bring up your product or business in a way that feels comfortable?


meetup marketer

Grow Your Network. Increase Your Sales and Influence.

Module 1: Prepare
  • Identifying your Perfect Prospect
  • The 5 Most Successful Group Types
  • Leveraging the “Meetup Kickoff” Email
  • How to find Perfect (Free) Locations
Module 2: Create
  • Building your Meetup Funnel
  • Naming Your Group
  • Selecting Tags (Attract The Right People)
  • Writing an Irresistible Description
Module 3: Grow
  • 3 “Meetup Group Killers” to Avoid
  • Creating Social Proof
  • Growing Your RSVP’s and Attendees
  • Optimizing the Meetup Kickoff Email
Module 4: Profit
  • Get Paid To Prospect
  • How To Charge For Events
  • Getting Sponsors To Pay For All Expenses
  • 5 Ways To Profit From Your Meetup Group
Module 5: Recruit
  • How and When To Bring Up Your Business
  • Creating a Custom “Feedback Form”
  • Attraction Selling (One on One)
  • Group Launches (Leverage)



“After my first month I had 378 members in my Meetup group. I’m on pace to add an additional 2,000 members per year. The crazy part is that they come to me. I don’t do any chasing or convincing. I just talk to the best prospects!”

David Paré – Get Fit: Mind, Body, Soul

Wait… there’s more?

Yep! you even get Bonuses!

We are cool like that.

Free Locations

Ready to start hosting… but not sure where to host? We’ve got you covered with a training on how to find the perfect location. Pick one of the 50+ free locations… or use the profit module and have your guests chip in a little so you can pay for a location.

Public Speaking

Want to recruit in bunches… but nervous to speak in front of groups? We have you covered. Learning to influence small groups of 5, or speaking from stage in front of thousands can create new income streams, and it is wonderful for your positioning and branding. Grow your speaking ability and your influence with this bonus!

Too Many Leads??

It sounds crazy… but having TOO MANY leads can actually be a problem. Learn how to organize your leads, how to create a “pipeline” view in your CRM, and how to create automations so that you can add value to your prospects on autopilot. This 8 video bonus could be a course all on it’s own… but it’s free for you as a Meetup Marketer student. Organize your leads, sort them instantly, and recruit the best prospects.

Make your Meetup Site Beautiful!

Make your group visually stunning. Stand out from the other groups on Meetup and make your site look like it was created by a professional designer (in less than 30 minutes, for zero dollars, and with no skill sets needed).

Weight Loss/Fitness Group "Interrogation" with Kat
  • $4,385 (and growing) in membership dues
  • Growing attendance and adding value
  • The best events for fitness/weight loss/health groups
  • The #1 mistake most networkers make
Travel (Adventure Group) "Interrogation" with Billi-Jo
  • Getting paid through joint ventures with businesses
  • Meetup for a cause (Charity Events)
  • The best meetups to attract prospects who like to travel
Private Facebook Group

Hate getting stuck? Me too. Introducing your private facebook group! There is something to be said about being around other top quality entrepreneurs who think like you do. Ask questions and get real-time feedback. Your network is your net-worth!

Is this a good fit for me…

Who Is This Course For?

Network Marketing Pro

You have large teams in other markets, but you want to start meeting local entrepreneurs to build in your back yard. Airplanes and Hotels are overrated.

MLM Newbie

You are new to network marketing and you want to build it right the first time. You love the idea of getting leverage and not relying on just friends and family joining you.

The Entrepreneur

You are all about multiple streams of income. MLM, coaching, creating your own courses, IP, or books. You love the idea of creating a Meetup Funnel to increase your income streams.

bottom line:

Stop Chasing.

Start Attracting.

what’s next and how does it work?

Just pick the payment option that works the best for you, and you will have instant access to all of the modules and bonuses! You have lifetime access as well as any future updates that are created for the course!

Once you are logged in, you will find the content is easy to apply. That’s because it’s not a bunch of hype and theory. I literally create a Meetup group from scratch and recorded every single step along the way. So you can just copy what I do… step, by step, by step. No guesswork. No confusion. Just results.

30 DAY Results Guarantee! BAM!

What sort of guarantee do you offer?

We offer a 30 Day Results Guarantee. Follow the first 2 modules of the course and create your group on Meetup using our step-by-step instructions. If you don’t get the results you want, let us know right away so we can give you a full refund.

you’re going to love it   +

It’s Risk Free With Our 30 Day Guarantee

Custom Meetup
$797 USD One-Time

Lifetime Membership

Attract Your Perfect Prospect + Do More of What You Love.
Full Details
Custom Meetup
$167 USD 6 Payments

Lifetime Membership

Attract Your Perfect Prospect + Do More of What You Love.
Full Details

zero risk. 30 day guarantee.

Don’t Take Our Word For It, See What Our Customers Have To Say!

Lose Weight, Get Fit, Have Fun

My group has 2,750 people in it. I’m just a regular person on my own weight loss journey and I created a group to meet other like minded people! We do crossfit, archery, yoga, nature walks. I met one of my best friends because of meetup!

Kat Halushka
Fitness Business

Young, Fun and Professional

My group is for young professionals that want to have fun. We have Black Tie Parties, Wine Tastings, Pub Golf and White Parties. My first event had 57 RSVPs, and everyone had an amazing time. Meetup makes me feel like I am THE MAN.

Don Crawford
Solar Company

Get Fit: Mind Body Soul

After my first month I had over 300 members in my meetup group. I am now well past 1,000 members in my group, and I LOVE being an organizer. I’m already charging money for my meetup events. I created a second meetup group where I am attracting and teaching other young entrepreneurs. I literally get PAID to PROSPECT.

David Pare
Owner: The Young Pro's Show

Single Travelers Meetup

I LOVE my meetup group. My group currently has 4,100 single travelers. I have so much fun with the group, and I have met so many amazing friends. Best of all, they ALL want to travel more! We go to Greek Restaurants, Art Galleries, Salsa Dancing, Cooking Lessons, and have even traveled out of the country. Thank you Jimmie for showing me meetup!

Billi-Jo Irwin
Travel Business

Grab Your Spot: 10X Your Network

Custom Meetup
$797 USD One-Time

Lifetime Membership

Attract Your Perfect Prospect + Do More of What You Love.
Full Details
Custom Meetup
$167 USD 6 Payments

Lifetime Membership

Attract Your Perfect Prospect + Do More of What You Love.
Full Details

zero risk. 30 day guarantee.