Rocket Fuel formula

You made your list, reached out to some of them, shared your presentation, got a lot of no’s…. and then FINALLY got new recruit. Only to watch them do NOTHING.

Super frustrating, I know. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this mini-training I share with you exactly what to do to maximize the chances that your new builder will get into action… and quickly get their first rank advancement.

Most new recruits still think like employees. So it’s important to help them get a check quickly, so they can build belief and justify spending more time on their new business. New Builder Blueprint will help them do just that, while helping you maximize and leverage your time.

launch your team Into Action

1. Rocket Fuel Formula
  • WHY new builders do nothing
  • The 3 essential ingredients for rocket fuel
  • Helping them overcome FEAR
  • Setting proper expectations
2. New Builder Blueprint
  • Company “Block Rank”
  • Anchoring to a DREAM RANK
  • New Builder Business Plan
  • Driving Depth
3. Existing Builders
  • Launching Your Team Into Action
  • Growing their PEOPLE TANK
  • Growing their BELEIF TANK
  • Growing their REASON WHY
4. Future Builders
  • The Recruiting Quadrant
  • Number of Prospects
  • Quality of Prospects
  • Depth of Relationships
BONUS: Huge Teams
  • BONUS – For Large Teams
  • Contests that Actually WORK
  • Creating the Culture (Culture Events)
  • 80/20 Leadership
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New Builder Blueprint

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