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Common Questions

Some Answers To Common Questions

Common Questions:

How do I get Meetup to send a second Kickoff email?

Unfortunately, Meetup only does one kickoff email. If you have had your group for a few months and you have less than 50 members in it, I would suggest stepping down or starting a second group.

Why do you run a Cashflow Meetup?

Personal preference. As I said over and over in the course, find something you LOVE that will also attract your perfect prospect. Personally I would play cashflow even if I didn’t have a meetup group. It’s a lot of fun, and it keeps my mind sharp and my eyes open for investments.

I didn’t get enough members with my meetup kickoff. Now what?

Well, you have a few choices. 99% of the time when I get this question, the person had a GREAT kickoff… it just wasn’t as good as David’s (the course example). Personally it took me 4 years to get to 300 members in my first meetup group.

Option #1: Keep your group and focus on adding a tonne of value to your members! If your members consistently like your events, your group will grow. Period.

Option #2: At any time you can step down as the organizer of your group, and create a new one. Meetup will ask the members of your old group if anyone wants to take over, and if no one does, then the group disappears. If you take this option go through the training again and make sure that you are following all the steps properly. You can also ask for advice in the facebook group.

IMPORTANT: The biggest group isn’t always the best one. Sometimes your group is smaller because you have super targeted leads. For example, if you had a group that was all about helping and teaching personal trainers… it will be a much smaller group. But every time someone joins, they have a big database of clients who want to lose weight.

Entrepreneurship / Business groups are usually smaller too. 95% of people think like employees… so you will likely have a smaller group if it is targeted to entrepreneurs (there are exceptions of course). Even though you usually have smaller group sizes, entrepreneurs and investors are AMAZING to work with. 

This group just became available, should I become the organizer?

Sometimes great groups become available, and when they do, they get snatched up fast. So my general advice is take over the group first, ask questions later. However, if a group has less than 300 members I wouldn’t bother taking it over. Once you take a group over, head on over to the bonus section to see what to do with your new group.