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Stop chasing… start attracting

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Imagine a Business Where You Have Too Many Prospects. Where Your Job Is Truly Just To Sort and Find The Best Prospects Who You WANT To Spend Your Time With.

Cash Flow Meetup

Attracting Entrepreneurs

If you want to attract more entrepreneurs, investors and people who ALREADY understand business, a Cash Flow Meetup is for you! This type of Meetup group targets prospects who have already read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and already understand the topic of passive income.

Meetup Marketer

Create a Group Around Your Passion!

Meetup Marketer is all about attracting your perfect prospect on Meetup. Build a custom Meetup group (around your passion) so you can have fun, build massive goodwill with your prospects, and recruit with authority!

Rocket Fuel Formula

Launch your team into ACTION

Do you want to LAUNCH your team into ACTION? “The Recruiter’s Rocket Fuel Formula” is all about what you can do as the leader, to help your teammates rank up, make more money, and ACTUALLY GET RESULTS!

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